Summer School

Catch Up, Make Up or Get Ahead

Summer is a time of relaxation but also a time to get caught up on missed school work, make up courses that were missed or needing to be retaken, or to get ahead by taking advanced courses. Whatever you are looking for, Halstrom can help. Confirm in advance to secure the best schedule to fit your summer schedule and vacation needs.

At Halstrom Academy, our personalized hands-on approach provides students the opportunity to maximize their academic potential in a small, nurturing, private school environment. With over 160 courses offered over summer, we are committed to helping students:

  • Increase comprehension
  • Improve grades
  • Raise test scores
  • Boost study and time management skills
  • Foster academic success

During the summer, students can choose to continue their full-time course load or take classes on a part-time basis to make-up or catch-up, also referred to as credit recovery or grade remediation. Students may transfer the grade or credit earned back to their home school. In addition, some students may wish to take classes to accelerate their learning or get ahead in a particular course or subject area over the summer.

Our complete course catalogue is available during the summer. Students can choose from more than 160 courses including advanced placement (AP), college prep, workshop and general-level UC/CSU certified and NCAA approved courses.

Halstrom makes it easy for students to enjoy their summer and attend school by offering three summer school program options to fit specific academic and flexible scheduling needs.